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CME Benefits Consulting is recognized as a trusted advisor and business partner within its industry. CME specializes in providing innovative solutions in benefits consulting and insurance services. In order to optimize our clients’ experience and their company’s objectives, CME found it essential to do much more than simply obtain insurance quotes and provide a few ancillary services. There was a need to work with clients to fully understand and meet their specific needs. CME addresses this need by using their reputable consultative approach to develop effective and efficient benefit packages unique to the client’s concerns and objectives.

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This unique focus on our clients takes into account the company’s demographics and culture, as well as, its values and goals.

For over 35 years, our clients’ needs have always been our priority, and CME works closely with every client to ensure their needs are met.

CME is Your Guide to Benefit Solutions

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The CME Approach

CME uses a consultative approach. This approach ensures that each client maintains a package of services and benefits that are competitive, reasonably priced, compliant and fair to employer and employees alike.

To accomplish this, every CME representative effectively develops an understanding of our clients’ benefit concerns and objectives, as well as specific challenges to be addressed. This interaction enables CME to soundly grasp which programs and services are going to help our clients meet their objectives and overcome current challenges.

The benefit challenges that companies face today require much more assistance than most clients are receiving. CME provides a fresh approach to navigate these challenges.

Our first step is to listen and learn about what is important to you, the client.

It is an essential way to begin.

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Our Promise

As a CME client, you will have access to a team with vast experience in the benefits industry.

Once CME is designated as your Benefits Consultant and Broker of Record, an extensive array of consulting services and value-added services can be available. In addition, you will also have access to a series of important administrative services that will dramatically reduce the burden on your HR department.

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Among many other services, CME can:

Manage and Reduce your Medical Costs
CME’s comprehensive Request for Proposal process will ensure that you are getting the most competitive price for the plan you want. CME has consistently been able to find alternatives to help clients lower medical costs.

Reduce your Prescription Drug Costs
Prescription Drug costs are approaching 20% of healthcare costs. CME has consistently been able to find savings on Rx without changing the plan design.

Keep you in Compliance with State and Federal Rules and Regulations impacting your Benefits Package
CME will perform a full compliance review of your Health and Welfare Plan Documents to make sure you are in compliance with all regulations.

Manage your COBRA and Flexible Spending Account Administration
CME can offer state-of-the-art web-based COBRA and flexible spending account administration with the availability of a debit card.

Offer you a Client Portal for HR Research and Regulation Information
CME offers a HR Portal that enables your HR staff to access comprehensive research tools, information and news to help you manage your benefits program.

Offer you a Web-Based Employee Portal
CME can help you develop and manage your own company intranet portal for your employee benefits.

Offer you Total Compensation Statements
CME can offer total compensation statements for employees, which helps to address the sometimes chronic under-appreciation of employee benefits.

Offer you a Web-Based Enrollment Solution
CME can assist you in implementing a web-based enrollment system, which can eliminate paper enrollment, manage your eligibility, and link directly to your vendors for all adds, deletes, and life event changes.

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The CME approach ensures that your CME representative will develop a strong understanding of your company’s benefit concerns and objectives. This unique understanding creates a familiarbond between CME and our clients. After a short period, you will find that CME has become your trusted ad visor.

As you begin working with CME, you will discover:

  • Services and proposals are thoroughly documented
  • Carrier and vendor relationships are strong
  • Focus is not only on suitability, but also on quality

Your Needs Are Our Priorities

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