CME has partnered with AmeriFlex, an established third party benefits administrator, in order to provide you with innovative technology-based benefits and compliance solutions.


Offers Turnkey Solutions That Provide Technology-Based Benefits and
Compliance Solutions

AmeriFlex brings an innovative approach to administering your flexible spending account (FSA) plans.  Through AmeriFlex, CME can offer you a complete set of FSA administration services that will maximize the positive impact of your FSA plans – not only for your employees but for your organization as well.  AmeriFlex services are more than “FSA administration.”

The hi-touch and hi-tech service approach of AmeriFlex will dramatically improve your workforce’s perception of the FSA plan and boost participation. Your organization will derive more value from your FSA plan in terms of goodwill and tax savings.

AmeriFlex Will Exceed Your Demands For Professional Benefits Administration And Communication Processes.  AmeriFlex can provide the following end-to-end FSA services:

  • Outstanding education and decision support to employees – both online and on paper
  • A web-portal for all employees to track expenses and balances
  • The portal will contain the following information pertaining to the FSA plan:
    • Multimedia Education
    • FSA Modelers
    • Benefit Summaries
    • Plan Tips
    • Enrollment Claim Forms
    • Eligibility Rules
    • Contacts
    • And much more…

AmeriFlex Benefits:

  • Serves over 4,400 clients, representing over 1,750,000 employees nationwide
  • No set-up fees for CME clients
  • Unparalleled service – over 95% FSA participant retention rate
  • Consolidated FSA/CRA debit card with one inclusive per participant price
  • After hours participant support via toll-free IVR and online AmeriFlex Convenience card account access