Through Benergy, CME can offer you Benergy™ Essential and Client Community.

Benergy™ Essential

Benergy™ Essential is an employee communications portal that provides companies with an exceptionally quick and easy way to bring benefits and HR knowledge online.

It compiles the most critical elements that people need to be informed, empowered benefit consumers.



Benergy therefore becomes the first stop on any benefits journey.

Benergy™ Essential allows you to present your benefits program in its best light with:

  • User-friendly graphics
  • Super efficient navigation
  • State-of-the-art Control Center

What Benergy™ Essential does…
Essential empowers employees and their families to manage benefit needs themselves with the following features:

  • Plan Eligibility
  • Benefit Summaries
  • Plan Highlights
  • Legal Summaries
  • FAQs
  • Forms and Contracts
  • Policies
  • News Items
  • E-Mail to HR
  • My Benefits
  • Medical and Dental Plan Comparisons
  • Printed Benefit Booklet

What Benergy™ Essential can do for you

  • Centralize and maintain all of the facts, forms, resources and paperwork associated with benefits in one place
  • Improve efficiency by redirecting your time to more strategic work
  • Reduce costly printing, copying and distribution of benefit materials
  • Retain employees who better understand and appreciate their benefits

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Client Community

Client Community is an online portal created exclusively for your company.  Through this portal, you and your HR staff can access comprehensive research tools, information, and news that will help you manage your benefit programs.  In addition, Client Community can be used as a “WorkSpace” to send and receive messages and documents between CME and your company in an efficient, secure way.

Your Client Community Puts
Comprehensive Research Tools, Information, and News
within Your Reach

Now you can research any benefits topic with Benefit Essentials and even interact with CME through WorkSpace.

What Client Community does…

WorkSpace – You can get work done on a minute-to-minute basis through WorkSpace.  You can send and receive messages or documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.).  Unlike e-mail, an organized trail of the information exchanged can be retained; thus, establishing a new, highly efficient and secure workflow.

Services – A variety of helpful information is placed in the Services area for your convenience.

Resources – The next time you need to educate yourself on a benefits or HR issue, start with the Resources in Client Community.  With these tools, you can conduct on-demand research on a world of benefit issues:

Benefits Essentials – a unique resource that explains and simplifies complicated information about a host of key benefit and HR areas

HIPAA Privacy Manual for Employers – developed by HIPAA Solutions Rx, this manual gives you unlimited, free access to an online reference that covers the extensive world of the HIPAA Privacy Rule

And many other resources including recent and proposed regulations, Webzine articles that educate you about topics that touch every part of your life and much more.

News – There is a news section where you can view up-to-date news from CME and other sources.  In addition, Client Community will automatically include frequently updated HR industry news from Employee Benefit News, an authoritative publisher.

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