Eligibility Audits

Our Eligibility Audit Programs have saved clients over $60 million by
removing ineligible dependents from their health and welfare plans.

Why should YOU perform a Dependent Eligibility Audit?

Eligibility Audits

Control Wasteful Spending
Dependent Eligibility Audits “often find that up to 10% of employees had an ineligible dependent on a company health plan”

Comply with the Law
mandates that plan sponsors “manage plans for the exclusive benefit of participants and beneficiaries”

Reduce Future Costs
Regular dependent eligibility audits show your employees that your organization is doing its best to minimize the costs of their benefit programs

Why Choose CME?


  • Our eligibility audit program is solely focused on reducing the costs of your benefits program
  • Our eligibility audit program has helped hundreds of companies maximize value and minimize loss


  • We utilize proprietary technology that we tailor to meet your technical environment standard operating procedures and plan provisions
  • Our program’s internally developed software platform has successfully processed hundreds of thousands of employee verification documents