Employee Assistance Plans

Each year, employees face significant problems that disrupt life at home and reduces productivity at work. An Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) is an inexpensive way to help your employees balance work and life.

EAPs offer confidential counseling for your employees and their family members. Professional consultants can help your employees find ways to deal with their concerns.

Assistance Is Kept Completely Confidential From Employer, Supervisor, Co-Workers, Family, and Friends – Employees Have Access to a Toll-Free Telephone Number
24-Hours a Day for Consultation

CME will assist you with the review, selection, and coordination of the appropriate EAP, at preferred pricing. We will review utilization measures and provide guidance on performance and emerging trends in order to implement an employee assistance plan that meets the needs of your employees.

employee-assistance-plans-01An EAP will help employees with a number of issues including:

Life Issues

  • Job Pressures
  • Family and Marital Worries
  • Parenting Issues
  • Loss of Someone Close
  • Financial Questions
  • Drug and Alcohol Concerns
  • Child and Elder Care
  • Legal Issues

Other Issues

  • Sadness, Worries, or Fears
  • Frustration and Anger
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Life’s Disappointments or Stresses
  • Trouble Sleeping or Eating


  • Counseling with professional consultants
  • Constructive assistance for substance abuse problems
  • Financial counseling
  • Web-based self help programs and articles
  • Resources for managing family and personal concerns
  • Child care and parenting information
  • Information and referral assistance for eldercare services and caregiver support
  • Legal consultation and web-based legal information

The value of incorporating an EAP within a benefits program is immeasurable.