Funding Arrangement Analysis

With CME, you will acquire the expertise you need in evaluating funding arrangements in the following areas:


  • Demographic Rating
  • Prospective Experience Rating
  • Retrospective Experience Rating
  • Delayed Premium
  • Minimum Premium
  • Partially Self-Funded
  • Self-Funded

CME can offer an all-inclusive evaluation of pertinent factors to determine the best funding options for you based on your group size, demographic factors, type of plan(s), and enrollment by family status.

For self-funded clients, CME will:

  • Review necessity of stop-loss insurance and determine appropriate level and type of stop-loss based on strategy and risk tolerance
  • Project future costs based on current claims experience
  • Develop conventional equivalent rates and COBRA rates
  • Determine actuarial differentials for plan design changes

We help to determine your risk tolerance and assist you in selecting the most practical funding arrangement!