With healthcare costs continuing to grow, employers are increasingly concerned about keeping employees healthy at work and helping employees maintain high levels of productivity.  Many healthcare observers believe that nearly 50% of healthcare costs can be attributed to unhealthy behavior. Today’s employers need solutions to help employees manage their own healthcare and be in a position to make better decisions to improve their health.  CME has partnered with WebMD to help its clients create an employee health and management system to engage employees with a personalized solution that matches their health interests and risks.  CME clients receive preferred pricing with all core WebMD programs at no cost.

WebMD is the leading provider of health information services offering resources employees need to improve their health in order to make better lifestyle, provider and treatment decisions.

WebMD Health Services


  • Through an integrated and profile-driven consumer experience, the WebMD Health & Benefits Manager helps participants lower their health risks and make more informed benefit, provider and treatment decisions, leading to lower costs and improved health outcomes.
  • WebMD HealthQuotientSM Health Risk Assessment
    Comprehensive analysis and user health awareness
  • Evaluates rich set of risks and conditions
  • Interactive real-time risk improvement analysis
  • Priorities risk factors to maximize health intervention
  • WebMD Health Management CentersSM

All relevant tools and content organized by risk factor

  • Convenient, consistent organization encourages utilization
  • Tools include quizzes, trackers, and calculators
  • Extensive content includes:
      • WebMD medical news
      • WebMD feature articles
      • New drug/drug recalls information
      • Cleveland Clinic


    • Healthwise Knowledgebase
  • WebMD Provider & Treatment
    • The Provider & Treatment Suite delivers information and tools that help employees evaluate the quality and cost of their healthcare alternative—providing increased personal control over one of the most critical decisions an individual can make.
    • The Provider & Treatment Suite includes:
      • WebMD Hospital Advisor:  Hospital comparative information for 163 diagnosis and procedures.
      • WebMD Treatment Cost Advisor:  Out-of-pocket medical costs for over 350 common conditions and procedures.
  • WebMD Health Record
    • The WebMD Health Record Suite supports collaborative healthcare that can help prevent costly errors and duplication of services. The suite is fully integrated with other WebMD Suites and drives personalization in those tools.
    • The Health Record Suite Includes:
      • WebMD Health Record:  Securely store, manage and maintain personal health information online.
  • WebMD Rewards
    • Any action you specify can be tracked via the Insight Engine and displayed within the Rewards summary, and awarded to participants in a number of different ways.
  • Rewards Participant Summary