Work Product Samples & White Papers

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Our consultative approach that is established on a promise to support clients in progressing and overcoming financial obstacles, and our employees, who are trusted advisors within the industry and serve client needs with high priority, is the foundation that  makes CME better benefit consultants; and thus, better in assisting clients in achieving their benefit objectives. By offering innovative solutions and conducting valuable analyses, we can provide clients with the tools and resources they need to help drive healthcare costs down, while simultaneously, offer them consultative advice for managing the health of their workforce. For over 35 years, our clients’ needs have always been our priority, and CME works closely with every client to ensure their needs are met. This is what makes CME better.

Please review the list below to acquire an understanding of what we can do for you. Our Work Product Samples and White Papers serve to illustrate our dedication and focus when serving the needs of our clients. The items listed include CME’s own analyses, reports, and presentations in which we have completed for our clients. In addition, the list also includes written work of others in the industry that we believe might be of interest to you.

Use these samples to compare your current insurance consultant to CME.

  • ACA Employee Tracking
    As employers have come to learn, extensive tracking, record-keeping, and reporting is needed in order to comply with the shared responsibility provisions of the ACA. The challenge, however, is that impacted employers are likely not tracking all of the required information on an employee-by-employee basis; and, subsequently, do not have the appropriate processes and resources, including people and systems, in place to do so. Our ACA Employee Track solution provides employers with a simple and cost effective solution to ensure compliance in meeting the ACA guidelines.
  • 2018 Healthcare Reform Tax Thresholds Analysis
    Learn how recent proposed healthcare reform bills will affect your company and employees. This particular analysis examines the America’s Health Future Act (AHFA) bill draft and its imposed excise tax on individual health coverage with a value greater than $10,200 and family coverage with a value greater than $27,500 starting in 2018. Discover the effects this tax provision may have on your company.
  • FSA Out-of-Pocket Informative Letter to Employees
    It is common for clients to ask for help in promoting their FSA program to employees. For clients who experience difficulties in generating the needed friction between their employees and the FSA program, CME has uniquely developed a personalized employee letter based approach. CME can produce personalized letters for all client employees. The letter serves to increase employee awareness and knowledge of the pre-tax benefits associated with participating in the FSA program as well as the contribution maximum, eligible expenses, and any additional features of the program such as a FSA debit card for example. Most importantly, CME innovatively illustrates real dollar savings that are specific to each employee so that they can see the savings they could receive by participating in the FSA program or, if they currently participate, the savings they could receive by increasing contributions.
  • Benchmarking Analysis Presentation
    Our Benchmarking Analysis Presentation compares the medical and prescription drug plans of our clients to that of local, national, and/or peer groups. This sample presentation shows how the copays, deductibles, coinsurance, out-of-pocket maximums, and contributions of a client’s medical and prescription drug plans compare to the Northeast Averages.
  • Employee Benefits Survey
    It is common for employers to misinterpret employee needs. Often times, employers overlook vital needs or focus on providing a benefit that is actually of low value to the employee. Additionally, as your company changes over time, so do the needs of your employees, and so should your benefits program. CME aims to help clients in crafting a benefits program where each benefit is highly valued by all employees. In doing so, CME can produce an Employee Benefits Survey. Through our customizable survey, we can aid clients in discovering the level of employee satisfaction towards the current benefits plan. Moreover, our survey can help us to provide our clients with decision support and confidence by revealing the principal needs of their employees that are not addressed by the current benefits plan. This sample is a preview of our Employee Benefits Survey.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) Analysis
    With so much invested in employee benefits, CME can help clients conduct analyses on specific aspects of their benefits plan, such as leave programs, so that resources are proficiently allocated and utilized on providing valuable benefits to employees. This recent analysis dives deep into research illustrating how the competition designs and implements time off programs. Although paid time off (PTO) programs have been in existence for years, it has recently been gaining popularity among employers when compared to traditional time off that consists of vacation, personal, and sick. Preview the CME sample Paid Time Off Analysis to gain insight into leave program trends.
  • The In’s and Out’s of PBM Pricing
    Ever try to understand how your PBM prices your prescription drug program? Review a candid discussion on how such pricing works and some of the issues to consider.
  • Analyzing Your Prescription Drug Plan
    Prescription drug plans have thousands of components and many moving parts. How does one go about analyzing an RX plan? Review a full blown analysis of a real plan and get a much better understanding of what an in depth analysis can look like.
  • HSA Accounts – Do They Work or Don’t They?
    Much has been written about Health Saving Accounts. Although there are many pluses to this approach, the plans have their drawbacks as well. Read CME’s white paper on the issues with Health Saving Accounts.
  • Is Mail-Order Really Better?
    Mail order can be an effective way to lower your prescription drug costs. However, most major insurers mail-order penetration is only 8% compared to the 20% and 25% ranges that can be achieved. Why mail-order? Let CME help you better understand the advantage of this delivery channel.
  • Benefits Plan Comparison Grid
    Discover how CME makes comparing health plan options easy. This sample illustrates the Benefits Comparison Grid we use to help clients to visually compare the key benefit differences among their current health plan and alternatives.
  • Client Renewal Presentation
    We are committed to guiding our clients in making the best decision during their renewal period. Prior to the face-to-face meetings we schedule with our clients, we work diligently on preparing various analyses and reports to integrate into our easy-to-understand Client Renewal Presentation. Our renewal presentation provides clients with meaningful information that they can use to finalize their decisions. Learn how CME can help to simplify your renewal decision making process.
  • ConnectionsSM Health Management Program Summary Report
    For clients who have incorporated the ConnectionsSM Health Management Program into their benefits program, CME can provide detailed reports on the award winning disease management solution launched by Independence Blue Cross. This sample report demonstrates the ability of CME to capture an analytical view of the ConnectionsSM Health Management Program in order to support clients in achieving high levels of success in terms of employee utilization and satisfaction of the program as well as employee wellbeing.
  • Demographic Analysis
    CME can assist clients to better understand the needs of their employees by determining the demographic risks of the employees as well as how the employee group in terms of age, salary, family size, and other pertinent factors have evolved from one year to the next. A thorough demographic analysis is the basis for improved decision making with respect to employee benefits. This sample serves as a snapshot to summarize key information that can be concluded via our Demographic Analysis.
  • Employee Benefit Strategies Excerpt
    CME prepares an annual excerpt from the annual Mercer Survey to emphasize numerous employee benefit strategies and to help increase client awareness of new trends and practices that are emerging among employer-sponsored plan groups. Our clients receive credible research information drawn from the Mercer Survey. Discover which cost shifting techniques have proven successful and also learn about new cost shifting strategies prevailing among employers. Additionally, explore research on health plans including information on HMO and PPO plan cost and design. This sample previews our Employee Benefit Strategies Excerpt.
  • Lifestyle Related Services Summary
    CME can provide clients with a snapshot of their group’s medical charges categorized by numerous lifestyle related diagnoses.  Through our Lifestyle Related Services Summary, a client can observe increasing group risks and areas of concern. The CME report will help clients determine what cost control techniques to incorporate into their benefits program. For those groups who are experiencing an increase in patients and medical charges due to members who smoke tobacco products, for example, then they might want to consider incorporating a tobacco surcharge to discourage employees from continuing poor smoking habits. This sample Lifestyle Related Services Summary illustrates numerous lifestyle related diagnoses that CME can analyze for clients.
  • Open Enrollment Brochure
    It is not an uncommon practice for employers to simply stuff a folder with confusing, detailed vendor produced plan design communications that are difficult to comprehend, and then, distribute it to employees. CME recognizes the problems this can present, and that is why we can work with clients to create an easy to read set of open enrollment materials including an Open Enrollment Brochure. It is important to clearly communicate your benefits program to increase employee satisfaction and utilization. Preview our sample Open Enrollment Brochure to see the CME solution to open enrollment communication.
  • Options for Overage Dependent – Pros and Cons
    Preview a sample CME White Paper on overage dependents. Explore the numerous options employers have for extending or providing access to medical coverage for an overage dependent and the pros and cons of each option.
  • Life Benefit Analyzer Report
    Large group life customers should be able to develop an analytical view of their life benefit plans. Such a report, would provide you with the number of claims, claim amount, claim incidence, benchmark comparison data, loss ratio, and claim distribution information. This is important because each of these components is a key performance measure that can help you to devise a strategy that enhances your life benefit plans in order to get the most out of what each plan can potentially offer to employees. Depending on who your life insurance vendor is, CME can help you develop this analysis.
  • Rate Comparison Grid
    Discover how CME makes comparing health plan options easy. This sample illustrates the Rate Comparison Grid we use to help clients to visually compare the rate differences among their current health plan and alternatives.
  • RFP Response – Client Presentation
    When meeting with a client, CME works hard in preparing a high quality, informative presentation that is easy to follow and understand for clients. From the beginning, when providing consultative services, we realize the need to communicate clearly and concisely with each client in order to prevent issues in the future. This sample demonstrates our diligence and high standards we place on communicating correctly with our clients. Additionally, this presentation highlights the services and products we can offer to clients.
  • Sample Request for Proposal
    CME has an unmatched aptitude when assisting clients in the marketplace. We have developed an advantageous RFP process to help clients gain purchasing power when bargaining for better pricing on insurance products. Take a look at the CME Sample Request for Proposal to find out how CME can support you when it is time to go to market for improved rates.
  • Stop-Loss Analysis
    If you are self-insured, buying the appropriate amount of stop-loss can be a tricky endeavor. View CME’s own comparison templates that will help you determine what stop-loss deductible you should select based on your prior experience.
  • Stop-Loss Claims Tracking Analysis
    For self-insured clients, CME can provide support by completing a Stop-Loss Claims Tracking Analysis. Our analysis is maintained on a monthly basis so that clients are informed at all times with respect to their total plan cost. Additionally, CME can compare the current plan year claims to that of the prior years so that clients will have a visual timeline to observe how plan costs have progressed.
  • 5-Year Financial and Strategic Planning Tool
    CME clients can experience the advantages associated with receiving a precise snapshot of their current financial position and what they may expect in the next three to five years. By using our Strategic Planning Tool, our clients can obtain a multi-year projected forecast specific to their financial goals. The forecast is an advantageous tool to support clients in selecting a cost management strategy. Preview the CME Strategic Planning Tool and determine how it can be incorporated within your management strategy.
  • Total Compensation Statements
    Our Total Compensation Statements are great tools for clients to utilize in order to successfully communicate their benefits program to employees. Surprisingly, many employers fail to effectively educate their employees about the value of their benefits program and how it operates. This can present an issue for employers, since employees may not utilize and appreciate their benefits package to its fullest. The CME Total Compensation Statements are personalized, periodical reports that will illustrate to employees the real dollar-and-cents value of their compensation and benefits. Experience the benefits of communicating clearly to employees through the CME Total Compensation Statements.
  • Trend Analysis Presentation
    The CME Trend Analysis provides clients with a detailed examination into their medical and prescription drug plans. Our analyses capture developments that occur from the prior year to the current year in order to illustrate increases or decreases in claim costs utilization measures. Preview the CME Trend Analysis Presentation to see the important information CME can consolidate and provide to you in an easy-to-read format.
  • Out-of-Network, Out-of-Area Claims
    Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the differences between HMO, POS, and PPO plans as it relates to making claims out-of-network and/or out-of-area. Each policy works differently and understanding what one can and cannot do in advance can potentially save  you and your employees thousands  of dollars in claim costs and hours  of aggravation.
  • Network Discount Analysis Questionnaire
    The network in which your group plan is a part of establishes the discounts that your plan participants will receive when a claim is presented. Above all, this can be one of the most important elements of your group insurance program. But how does one evaluate this? What questions should be asked of each provider? See a sample questionnaire to review some of the important elements of such an analysis.
  • Sample TPA RFP
    If you are self-insured, your TPA is one of the most important parts of your claims process. How do you evaluate which TPA is better? See the components of how CME will coordinate a process to help you select the best TPA.
  • What is Happening in Prescription Drugs
    See what one leading PBM believes and what they are doing to lower your prescription drug costs.
  • Changing Prescription Drug Carriers
    Every so often, it becomes necessary to change prescription drug vendors. Either due to price or other considerations. But what is involved in making such a change? It is best to understand as much of that upfront instead of “discovering as you go.” Review CME’s literature on some of the issues that you should consider prior to making any prescription drug changes.
  • The Pricing Components of Your Prescription Drug Plan
    Ever try to understand how many different pricing components are part of your prescription drug plan? Well there are many more pricing elements than one would expect and this is why it is so difficult to understand how your costs are developed and how to compare prescription drug plans. Let CME show you their in-house summary of all of the important pricing elements of your prescription drug plan and some of the best ways to compare one PBM to another.
  • Therapeutic Resource Centers and Clinical Pharmacy Specialists
    Are all of the approaches to managing your pharmacy benefits program the same? Not really! See how one PBM uses specialty pharmacists to manage your pharmacy plan by focusing on chronic and complex diseases which drive 96% of prescription drug costs and 75% of medical expenses in the US.
  • Personalized Medicine – Pharmacogenomic Testing
    Is this something of the future? Not really… learn more about how your DNA can help you to determine the appropriate dosage and regimen for several major medical conditions.