Health & Claims Advocate
Health and Claims Advocate Services Help Employees Get through Life’s Healthcare Challenges with Ease

Health & Claims Advocate

CME offers you a progressive solution to resolving employee questions and concerns regarding health and claim issues. By partnering with a national vendor, CME can implement a call center model that uses nurses and advocates to receive calls from employees and their dependents.

Calls are typically taken by an RN and supported by Medical Directors, Social Workers, Claims Experts, and Operational Experts.

Once a call is taken, the Health Advocate works diligently to answer questions by interfacing with any and all parts of the healthcare system including – doctors, health plans, ancillary vendors, community services, government programs, and other key constituents.

Health Advocate offers plan sponsors, employees, and HR departments a formal resource to handle the most sensitive healthcare issues for the immediate and extended family.

Health Advocate offers a comprehensive array of services on a nationwide basis.

Health Advocates can help your employees nationwide by:

  • – Locating primary care and specialist network doctors and dentists
  • – Answering referral questions
  • – Scheduling doctor appointments
  • – Resolving claims issues
  • – Obtaining approvals
  • – Supporting eldercare matters for parents and parent-in-laws
  • – Answering questions about test results and treatment recommendations
  • – Assisting in transferring records
  • – Researching newest treatments for a medical condition
  • – Identifying qualified wellness programs
  • – Obtaining “second opinions”

These services are extended to all fulltime employees regardless if they utilize the company sponsored health plan. Spouses, dependent children, parents, and parent-in-laws of fulltime employees are also eligible to use the services.

Health Advocate’s client advocacy fills a void in the healthcare system that has often compromised care, inflated inappropriate use, and increased cost without a true benefit.

Introducing Health Advocate as part of a group’s benefits and services provides a unique and “differentiating factor” as well as a great return on investment in productivity, claim and copay savings, and could help lower future health insurance renewals.

Health Advocate Benefits can include:

  • – Preferred pricing for CME clients
  • – Nation’s leading healthcare advocacy and assistance company, serves millions of Americans nationwide through its more than 3,400 client relationships
  • – Help clients and members navigate the healthcare system with a full spectrum of innovative, time and money saving solutions
  • – Among many other benefits to the employer including:
    • – Reduction in medical costs
    • – Greater productivity
    • – Timesaving in HR and benefit departments
    • – Enhanced employee relationsHealth Advocate Is Accessible 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week

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