About us

Your Trusted ADvisor

CME Benefits Consulting is recognized as a trusted advisor and business partner within its industry. CME specializes in providing innovative solutions in benefits consulting and insurance services. In order to optimize our clients’ experience and their company’s objectives, CME found it essential to do much more than simply obtain insurance quotes and provide a few ancillary services.

This unique focus on our clients takes into account the company’s demographics and culture, as well as, its values and goals. 

The CME Approach

For over 35 years, CME Benefits Consulting (CME) has had one main focus: employee benefits. From financial underwriting to daily consulting, it’s what we do. And we do it for a lot of companies; CME represents a wide variety of public and private sector organizations with offices throughout the U.S.

We become a trusted advisor and valued business partner for our clients, each of whom has direct access to an experienced team of CME advisors. We work hand-in-hand with you to help select the programs and plans that best fit your needs. We also bring the best outside consultants on board, when necessary and appropriate, so you have access to a wide scope of services and benefits that are competitive, reasonably priced, compliant, and fair to employer and employees alike.


When you first meet with a CME representative, we’ll talk in depth about any concerns you have regarding benefits; we want to know all about your current benefits program and why it’s no longer working for you.

Throughout our conversation, your CME representative will be doing something that may surprise you: listening – and listening closely. We want to fully understand what is important to you and your employees. This is the basis for guiding you down the best path to achieve your benefits goals.

It is an essential way to begin.

Our Promise

As your CME representative gains a grasp of your company’s benefits concerns and goals, something unique begins to happen. You realize that you are partnering with someone who shares your objectives. Now you have a team with a sound understanding of your specific challenges and how to address them with the best programs and services for your employees, all while keeping a close eye on the bottom line.

When you work with CME, here’s what you get:

Unparalleled Expertise – CME draws its highly experienced underwriting team from only the best health institutions. That means we possess comprehensive knowledge of each plan and can aggressively negotiate on your behalf.

Senior-Level Attention – Our senior management regularly meets with you and is actively involved in all facets of client relationships.

Superior Standards – CME adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards and promises objective advice and quality execution.

Quality Results – We keep working until you are satisfied. All CME clients receive unmatched proficiency in underwriting, data and financial analysis, strategic planning, benefits plan design, wellness initiatives, program implementation, communication, and client service.

Strategic Partnerships – To attain the best results for our clients, CME maintains strategic partnerships with industry experts. We believe that teaming with outside experts offers the best of both worlds – we focus on what we do best and consult when needed to accommodate your goals. We have found this to be far more effective than the jack-of-all-trades services approach that other companies take.

Compliance Services – In the current healthcare environment, businesses face the added burden of managing the growing number of regulatory and compliance issues. From ERISA requirements to the latest healthcare regulations, CME offers our clients professional assistance in DOL compliance review and document preparation, Form 5500 preparation, HIPAA audits, compliance alerts, compliance training, and many more.

In very quick order, you will find that CME has become your trusted advisor, providing a diverse, highly skilled team on which you can depend to help you design, implement, and maintain a benefits plan that addresses the needs of your specific organization.

That’s the kind of benefits adviser you want and need.

Our People


CME is proud of our employees and the work we do every day. From the time we arrive in the morning until we shut off the lights at night, CME employees work in an open, collaborative, and positive environment where excellence is not optional. It’s a way of life.

At CME, we’ve built a culture that we believe sets us apart from all other benefits consulting firms.

·         We value the diverse qualities and backgrounds that our employees bring to the firm.

·         We value creativity. We love to come up with solutions to problems that have stymied others.

·         We value learning, and we keep at it—through formal programs, challenging case work, from our clients, and from each other.

And we don’t just leave it at the office. CME employees are active members of their communities, having served in leadership positions benefiting some thirty local charities. They approach community with service the same focus and determination exhibited on the job in resolving the challenges clients face.

In short, CME has all the right stuff. The right values.  The right direction.  The right team.