Benefits Administration


Benefits Administration

A benefit consultant’s services should go well beyond just offering insurance advice. CME offers unparalleled assistance in managing the administrative and compliance requirements of today’s benefit programs. CME can offer solutions that will ease the administrative demands experienced by your HR department. A benefits package is not a success unless assistance is provided to the HR department for the entire scope of the employee benefits program—not just insurance.

While most employee benefit consultants offer minimal review of your eligibility data, CME can assist you with ensuring that your most up-to-date enrollment data is submitted to insurance carriers so that the correct coverage is activated in a timely fashion. We work directly with the carriers to review reports in order to find and resolve mistakes until data integrity is validated and accurate. As a result of having a rigid eligibility management plan, your company will save a significant amount of money that can be reinvested in other promising business initiatives.

CME’s in-depth eligibility audit process can assist you in identifying ineligible dependents as well as in developing an ongoing, professional screening process to ensure eligibility is accurate; thus, saving you thousands of dollars in the long-term.

By removing an ineligible dependent, a firm can realize savings of $2,000—$5,000 annually. Historically, CME’s eligibility audit process has helped clients indentify and remove approximately 7% of dependents that were ineligible for coverage and has saved clients, on average, $2,500 per ineligible dependent whose coverage was terminated.

Trying to make sense of carrier bills and attempting to comprehend how it will affect your company’s financials can be hampering to your company’s production.

At CME, we understand that your time is valuable. By allowing us to lend a hand, you will be able to maintain your focus on company objectives rather than diverting it towards distracting invoices from insurance carriers.

CME can assist you in implementing a web-based billing and reconciliation system. This can give you the tools you need to maintain your enrollment information and to produce reports required to accurately verify the integrity of your insurance bills.

CME can assist with claim issues that are elevated to your HR department in a professional, secure, and HIPAA compliant fashion.

In an expedited manner, we can assist you in managing your claims process and help to provide an efficient resolution to any issues that may arise; therefore, alleviating the day-by-day pressures your HR department often experiences.

Additionally, by partnering with us, your employees can have access to a renowned call center, Health Advocate.

CME provides industry-leading employee benefits and HR expertise with a special focus in three main areas:

• Controlling Your Costs

• Reducing Your Workload

• Educating and Training

Your Employees CME can assist a client in utilizing vendor opportunities to obtain direct portal access. CME can also coordinate the training on carrier portal services for:

• Eligibility

• Billing

• Reporting

• Employee and Employer Benefits