Plan Implementation

Plan Implementation

CME can create and implement a health plan management strategy that will specifically meet your unique needs. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure success in your benefits plan. When implementing a new plan, we can provide you with the guidance needed to produce an effective implementation plan and timeline while providing you with recaps and feedback along the way.

Our knowledgeable benefit consultants can help you identify your exposure to health risks and educate you regarding the potential frequency and severity of these risks. Our goal with plan management is to develop and implement a strategy that will best minimize your risk exposure. CME Can Match Identified Perils with A Benefits Design and Communication Strategy to Minimize Your Exposure

CME can assist you by measuring the overall impact and value of each healthcare initiative. In addition, CME can work closely with vendors to develop a comprehensive disease management strategy. Our goal is to help your chronically and critically ill employees receive the care they need and to assist you in controlling healthcare costs.

At CME, we work with your HR staff to ensure that your various benefit plans are properly implemented with each vendor. To accomplish this, we can assist you in managing and monitoring your vendors to ensure that you receive the highest degree of service possible. Most importantly, we can review all deliverables from your vendors to confirm that they are delivering what was promised. Additionally, CME can assist you in collecting additional information and reports from vendors when needed so you can focus on business with fewer disruptions.

CME consultants are dedicated to help you in the development and execution of a communication strategy and campaign surrounding your plan’s open enrollment. We can assist you each step of the way as you prepare customized enrollment materials, forms, and screens for online enrollment systems. For those clients who do not utilize online enrollment systems, CME can provide you with vendor opportunities for printing services. Our goal is to help you develop a message and communicate that message to your employees.

CME consultants will proactively:

– Schedule enrollment meetings
– Setup benefit fairs
– Source appropriate support personnel and materials when needed
– Coordinate carrier representative attendance for your open enrollment meetings

Communication is a key factor to your benefit program’s success. So much so, that the perceived value of a benefits plan is either drastically enhanced or worsened depending on the quality of the communication strategy. By educating your employees about their benefits through clear and concise communications, they will make better decisions. As a result, plan value will be maximized.