CME wants to help you find the most cost-effective and competitive benefits program for your company, which is why we offer effective products along with our services. CME is able to offer a full array of benefit and insurance related products for your company.

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Eligibility Audits

Why should YOU perform a Dependent Eligibility Audit? Control Wasteful Spending Dependent Eligibility Audits “often find that up to 10% of employees had an ineligible dependent on a company health plan” Comply with the Law ERISA mandates that plan sponsors “manage plans for the exclusive benefit of participants and beneficiaries” Reduce

Insurance Products

At CME, we acknowledge the high degree of importance you place on the well being of your workforce. Furthermore, we understand how little you want to burden your employees with high insurance premium contributions. That is why CME will provide you with access to the most innovative insurance products that

Total Compensation Statements

Amazingly, less than 50% of employees understand their employer paid benefits… and even those employees that do understand underestimate the value of their benefits. It is important to not only educate your employees on the subject of how their benefits program operates, but also on the value of their benefits

Voluntary Benefits

At CME, we realize that it can sometimes be difficult to find a balance among offering adequate benefits to attract and retain skillful employees, budgeting for significant increases in healthcare costs, and attempting to ease administrative expenses. That is why CME can work with you to simultaneously prioritize company goals

COBRA Services

What is COBRA? The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) gives employees and their dependents the right to continue certain benefit coverage in your group health plans after they leave your company or change their status in other qualifying ways. Full COBRA Administration – Notifications – Eligibility – Invoicing –

Employee Assistance Plans

Each year, employees face significant problems that disrupt life at home and reduces productivity at work. An Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) is an inexpensive way to help your employees balance work and life. EAPs offer confidential counseling for your employees and their family members. Professional consultants can help your employees

Flexible Spending Accounts

CME has partnered with several advanced third party benefits administrator, in order to provide you with innovative technology-based benefits and compliance solutions. We bring an innovative approach to administering your flexible spending account (FSA) plans. The hi-touch and hi-tech service approach will dramatically improve your workforce’s perception of the FSA plan

Consumer Driven Health Plans

A growing trend throughout the healthcare spectrum has been employers implementing Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHP). By employing a CDHP within your business model, your employees will actively make their own decisions in regard to their healthcare needs. At CME, our Underwriting and Benefit teams can work together to thoroughly

Health & Claims Advocate

CME offers you a progressive solution to resolving employee questions and concerns regarding health and claim issues. By partnering with a national vendor, CME can implement a call center model that uses nurses and advocates to receive calls from employees and their dependents. Calls are typically taken by an RN

Education & Communication

We promise to continue to devote ourselves to providing you with comprehensive education opportunities to learn about healthcare developments, employee benefit trends, innovative insurance products, and much more. As A CME Client, You Will Receive CME Newsletters Periodically. Furthermore, we will supply you with dynamic communication strategies and tools necessary to effectively

Strategic Forecasting

As a CME client, you can receive a detailed strategic forecast that will help you make sensible decisions with respect to developing a long-term strategic plan. Our knowledge and expertise has allowed us to create a forecasting tool that not only illustrates a precise snapshot of your current financial state,

CME Prescription Drug Coalition

At CME, we acknowledge the volatility of prescription drug rates and the impact it has on organizations. That is the reason we developed the CME Prescription Drug Coalition with the renowned pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) Express Scripts, who strives to improve our clients’ overall health and to lower the total