Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning

Being your guide means staying ahead of benefit trends and legislation. Being your guide means being creative and uncovering new opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

During the strategic planning phase, we collaborate with you and your team to facilitate thoughtful discussions and decisions. Our ultimate goal is to help you develop a long-term benefits plan that helps your organization succeed. CME secures your benefits plan with a solid foundation and detailed framework aimed at providing the resources and tools necessary to implement and monitor long-term strategies that will benefit your company and its employees.

CME’s main goals for your company’s strategic plan are to:

  • Gain a full understanding of your existing benefits package and processes
  • Uncover specific needs, deficiencies, and capabilities in order to develop creative solutions
  • Establish what the company’s goals and objectives are with respect to employee benefits
  • Assist in benchmarking the competitiveness of your existing benefit offerings
  • Assist in completing various studies or employee surveys to better understand the impact and preferences of the population
  • Conduct a risk assessment and study of the employee population
  • Encourage you to be proactive with your benefit solutions
  • Develop a multi-year overall plan design strategy
  • Create and maintain a multi-year benefits cost model
  • Meet your long-term business objectives

The foundation of your company is only as strong as your company’s strategic plan. If your plan is not accurately implemented, your company’s structure is at risk. CME can help your company develop a strategic plan so that healthcare cost drivers are well managed. In conjunction with you, CME can develop a five-year plan model that uses current and innovative market trends to address your unique financial objectives. Our goal is to assist you in developing a strategy that can control the excessive healthcare costs that your company has so often experienced and grew accustomed to in the past.

CME can design a dynamic Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP) to utilize Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) and Health Saving Accounts (HSA), which can provide your employees with additional choices to help drive down healthcare costs. Through CME’s knowledge and expertise, a benefits program that encourages consumerism can be developed that is the right fit for your business model.

How are we currently matching up in the marketplace? What else should we be thinking about?”

These are common questions asked by CME clients… these are also questions that never go unanswered by CME.

CME can assist you in preparing a benchmark analysis comparing your total benefit plan costs, copays, and plan designs to that of peer, regional, and national employer groups.

CME can also review the results of your benchmark analysis and use it as the basis of a comprehensive RFP process that will help to identify the best programs suitable for your employees.

Uncovering specific needs will allow CME to make changes accordingly and aid our clients in cultivating a satisfied, balanced workforce.

Recognizing who your employees are and how your risk profile has changed is a crucial step in crafting a comprehensive benefits program. At CME, we can evaluate your company’s demographics to help you develop a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your risk pool.

CME can analyze elements needed to create an effective plan including a review of your firm’s financial and demographic makeup. Our goal, at CME, is to help you design a competitive benefits program for your business and employees at the right cost.